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How to Get Rid of Menstrual Pain Without Medication
Published By shafi1990 on 2011-09-03 731 Views

Many people suffer from menstrual pain and have difficult to get rid of it. These pains can be very annoying and could lead to a time when you cannot do anything. There are medicines which claim that you can easily get rid of menstrual cramps but it is not the best option. The natural way without medicine is healthier as you do not have to worry about side effects.

1) Wear loose clothing!

Wearing loose clothing keeps enough space for your body to feel relaxed. While suffering from cramps, you could be feeling very uncomfortable. However, adding more clothes onto your body will increase the pain of the menstrual cramps.

2) Drink some Chamomile tea!

The great benefit about this herbal remedy is that you can use this as an alternative to medicine. It can help reduce your menstrual cramps from the warmth of the tea. Apart from tea, you can drink anything else that has a warm healing effect on your cramps but Chamomile does relax your muscles which can take away your pain very easily.

3) Do a lot of exercise!

A very good way to get rid of menstrual cramps is to workout. It can feel very disturbing to think of working out when you’re suffering pain. By exercising your body, it helps pump Adrenaline around your body. You don’t have to work too hard to heal the pain. A calm, slow workout would do fine. It can also help you lose weight and you do realize what the dangerous effects of being overweight can do to your health!

4) Drink less caffeine!

Caffeine has some good benefits for the body. Although are you willing to increase your menstrual cramps in the process of drinking caffeine? This is what happens when you drink plenty of caffeine. It is best to stay away from it during your period as it can speed up the bleeding as well.

5) Take a good walk outdoors!

It is never a good idea to rest at home during your aching cramps as it could make it feel worse. The best thing to do is take a walk outdoors which helps alleviate the pain. Whilst walking, your body send positive endorphins throughout which keeps you feeling more relaxed. Remember that walking is another method used for exercise which is why it’s beneficial.

6) Take a relaxing massage!

Every week, take a few massage lessons. Ask your husband to help do this for you.

It also reduces any muscle pain you could be suffering from during your period. Massage your back and the areas where your body is aching.

7) Have sex!

Yes we all love doing it and there should be no excuse if you’re aching from painful cramps. Having sex makes a person feel more relaxed and this will keep your cramps aching at a low level. Sex sends positive hormones throughout the body and acts like another method of exercise. Research has shown that women feel more at peace when sperm is inside their body.

From all above methods, you have several options to choose from and reduce your cramps. The most common ones you may want to choose from could be to have sex, take plenty of exercise and a hot steamy bath with essential oils!

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